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Terms and conditions of use
For the best use of our website, we recommend that you carefully read these terms and conditions.

This document sets out the terms and conditions under which website, here and after referred to as the "website", may be used. Please follow this carefully.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions set forth in this document, please do not access or use the website and the information provided here.

The term "user" of this website means any natural or legal person who will access this website.

1. The content of this website, the texts, the graphics, the photographs, the software, the logos and any other materials present on the website are protected by copyright law and are the property of Bertola.

The copyright of the information on this website is owned by Bertola.

2. Bertola offers free access to this website and authorizes you to view existing information for personal and noncommercial purposes only.

No material on this website may be reproduced in whole or in part modified without the written consent of Bertola

Users who reproduce or modify the materials on this website will incur the consequences according to German laws and international treaties on rights by the author. Any possible litigation in connection with this website is within the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts in Germany.

3. Users will not access the website to transmit and / or to destroy the material:

- violating the laws in force; & nbsp;

- violating copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights.

4. Not allowed:

- deletion or modification by any means of published materials and information or any other attempt of this kind;

- attempt to interfere, through in the content of the website.

5. Service Changes

Bertola may at any time change the content and terms of use of the website. The new terms become effective once they have been made public by signing up for the website and are not retroactive. The use of the website will be subject to these rules, respecting the terms and conditions that the user accepts by default by contacting and using the website.

6. It is possible that some of the services illustrated or presented will not be available as standard services and can be purchased for a fee. Bertola reserves the right to change the specifications and conditions displayed without prior notice.


Bertola may have user data that has been provided personally (eg request form, contact form etc.). These may include, among other things, your name, address, phone numbers, and how Bertola services and products are used.

1. Information about the use of personal data

Bertola , as owner / administrator of, undertakes to preserve the confidential nature of the information provided.

Personal data held will not be disclosed to third parties except under the law.

We would like to inform you that you have access, opposition and interference at any time on your personal information submitted in the electronic form.

Bertola reserves the right to change and update at any time the content of the website and the privacy policy without prior notice. Therefore, please visit this section periodically to check the validity of the terms and conditions that you have agreed to respect.

2. Personal Information and Other Information

You can consult this website without providing personal information or any other data about your person.

3. Personal Data

Bertola is particularly concerned about the transparency and protection of your rights and will not disclose information that allows third parties to identify you personally.

The data obtained through the enrollment forms will not be the subject of a transaction between Bertola and other companies. Bertola might use the personal information from the enrollment and contact forms that has been provided by visitors for the purpose of organizing marketing activities in accordance with applicable law regarding the protection of the clients regarding the processing of personal data and their free circulation. Bertola will retain the confidentiality of this information and will not disclose it to third parties except with the implicit consent of the clients or where it is strictly necessary for promotional campaigns organized by Bertola > but also in situations where the company is obliged, according to the law, to make the information public. Third party companies not mandated by Bertola are considered to be third parties.

Accordingly to the law, you have the right to access free of charge your data, by a written, dated and signed request addressed to Bertola. You also have the right to modify the data: You may request to rectify, update, block or delete data . In the above conditions, you may also request the transformation into anonymous data of information whose processing is not lawful, with the right to refuse & nbsp; at any time, for legitimate and legitimate reasons related to your particular situation, that your data is subject to processing, except where there are legal provisions to the contrary. You also have the right to refuse at any time, freely and without justification, that the data that you intend to process for such a purpose.

No commercial exploitation of the received data will be possible without prior written consent of Bertola, depending on circumstances.

This information is confidential and archived by Bertola.

4. Data with a non-personal character

Non-personal information that relates to your preferences, interests and services tailored to your requirements are stored for marketing and analysis of the website performance.

There is an opportunity to obtain automatically generated information but can not be associated with a person. This information refers to the type of browser used, the computer platform, and the domain name through which you access the website.

5. How can Bertola use personal information?

Personal information can only be used for purposes related to the Bertola Trademark services such as:

- processing of personal requests addressed to the company; - solving requests, questions or complaints received; - realizing market, product and marketing studies for Bertola services;

- contacting users (including by mail, email, or phone) for Bertola offers

- data will be processed in accordance with current Data Protection legislation and will be transmitted to Bertola subsidiaries or affiliates, its agencies or resellers, marketing and customer base management, including customer support.